Optimize Your ZX Smart Thermostat:

Explore Accessories for Enhanced HVAC Control

Verdant's online connection Kit

Online Connection Kit


The online connection kit is all you need to connect up to 1000 Verdant ZX thermostats via the internet.

Wireless Control Card


The Wireless control card plugs into your HVAC unit and allows you to place a wireless thermostat anywhere in the room.

Wireless Occupancy Sensor


Wireless occupancy sensors allow you to expand the occupancy detection area of a compatible Verdant thermostat. The battery powered sensor connects wirelessly to a Verdant thermostat, eliminating the need for any additional wiring.

Wireless Door/Window Sensor


Wireless door/window magnetic switches allow compatible Verdant thermostats to disable heating or air conditioning when a door or window is open. The battery powered sensor connects wirelessly to a Verdant thermostat, eliminating the need for any additional wiring.

Wireless Remote Temperature Sensor


Wireless Remote Temperature Sensor allows a compatible Verdant thermostat to sense temperature in a different location if the thermostat is installed in a poor temperature sensing location. The battery powered sensor connects wirelessly to a Verdant thermostat,eliminating need for any additional wiring.

ZX Series Thermostat Wallplate


Allows ZX Series thermostats to be mounted without drilling holes in the wall. The thermostat is secured to a wall plate using the supplied machine screws. Wall plates can be mounted to a standard electrical box (2” or 4”) and come in either white or black.

Wireless Control Card Wall Plate


Allows Wireless Control Cards to be installed at the existing thermostat location. Wall plates can be mounted to a standard electrical box (2” or 4”). Suitable for installations with existing thermostat wiring where the thermostat location is not suitable for an occupancy sensor.

Frequently Asked Questions: Verdant ZX Accessories

How do Verdant's ZX accessories work?

Verdant’s ZX Accessories compliment your existing smart thermostats and energy management system to perfection, providing superior HVAC control all-while optimizing energy consumption and usage in your residential or commercial properties. From our Online Connection Kit and Wireless Occupancy Sensor to our Wireless Door/Window Sensor and Wireless Control Card, these smart thermostat accessories are designed to eliminate energy inefficiencies, integrating effortlessly with your existing energy management system.

What are the benefits of Verdant's ZX accessories?

Verdant’s ZX Accessories offer a number of benefits in residential and commercial units, continuously optimizing energy efficiency taking into account in-room and external variables, including real-time occupancy patterns. The end result is reduced energy and utility costs, and increased HVAC lifespan. In fact, our smart thermostat accessories and energy management system are proven to reduce HVAC run times by 40%. 

Are Verdant's ZX accessories easy to install?

Absolutely! Verdant’s ZX accessories are essentially plug-and-play, offering a convenient energy management solution. Compatible with and our range of smart thermostats, Verdant’s ZX accessories streamline energy management, and can be installed in just under two hours by one of our technicians. Simply get in touch with your energy management needs and a dedicated energy management expert will be onsite to easily install your selection of ZX accessories. 

Can Verdant's ZX accessories work without Wi-Fi?

Yes, Verdant’s ZX accessories can also operate without WIFI, however, connecting them to the Internet ensures optimal performance and continuous monitoring of your building’s energy usage and consumption. When connected to WIFI, you will be able to receive real-time energy savings data directly from our energy management system. Daily, weekly, and monthly alerts can also be set up with WIFI connectivity, ensuring you stay atop your building’s energy usage – from wherever you are.