IHG Hotels & Resorts, one of the world’s leading hospitality brands, has named Verdant as an approved vendor for connected thermostats. Under IHG’s new guidelines, all thermostats in newly constructed and renovated guestrooms must be replaced with networked occupancy-sensing thermostats by November 2025. This initiative represents a significant step toward reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint across IHG’s extensive portfolio.

As a prominent supplier since 2014 and a partner of IHG Studio since 2019, Verdant has already established a strong presence within the IHG family. Verdant’s energy management thermostats have been successfully deployed in hundreds of IHG hotels across all brands.

Michael Serour, General Manager of Verdant, expressed his enthusiasm in the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to be working closely with IHG, and to be a part of their overall sustainability vision. Verdant is installed in hundreds of IHG hotels today and has a proven track record of delivering significant energy savings.”

Verdant’s thermostats are equipped with occupancy sensors that accurately detect when a room is vacant to prevent the HVAC system from running unnecessarily. Hotels can reduce HVAC runtime by up to 40% with the implementation of Verdant’s energy management solutions.

“We are wholly committed to the IHG partnership, and to helping make IHG hotels more sustainable, without compromising guest comfort,” added Serour.

Verdant’s Energy-Saving Features

Verdant maximizes and automates energy savings through a variety of innovative features, including:

  • Intelligent Temperature Setback: automatically adjusts the temperature when rooms are unoccupied.
  • Dynamic Recovery: ensures guest chosen temperature is always restored within a predetermined time period.
  • Setback Limit: allows maximum and minimum room temperature to be set when rooms are empty.
  • Setpoint Limit: prevents guests from setting room temperature above/below predefined setpoints.
  • Night Occupancy Mode: automatically disables energy saving features when guests are asleep.

Get Preferred Pricing with Verdant

As part of this collaboration with IHG, Verdant is offering preferred pricing options to property owners and managers. Prospective clients can get further information by reaching to a Verdant representative at Verdant.IHG@Copeland.com or by visiting the IHG Marketplace (connected thermostats section).

The adoption of energy management thermostats is a growing trend in the hospitality landscape, as hotels seek to reduce their environmental impact and operational costs. Smart thermostats, such as Verdant, are poised to play an increasingly important role in advancing sustainability initiatives within the industry.

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