There’s been a sort of tug-of-war with property owners feeling at cross purposes with their tenants. Properties need to manage ever-growing energy costs. Guests and residents want to be comfortable. Compounding the challenge, property staff are frequently incentivized with key performance indicators (KPIs) that focus on minimizing guest complaints—further negating the energy-saving efforts of property owners.

But the truth is that sustainability‘s not in conflict with comfort. Energy savings and coziness don’t have to be at odds anymore.

Bridging the Gap

We see it across the country. Property owners—especially those striving to maximize energy savings—are struggling with the divide between optimal energy efficiency and the need to deliver guest and resident comfort. Their visibility into the energy savings achieved at a given property is often quite limited. This plus the need to rely on staff to manage the efficiency and operations of equipment on-site increases the gap between savings and comfort.

Verdant Plus bridges this gap.

Verdant Plus is a subscription-based service that helps optimize energy savings by continuously monitoring your energy management system for you. This automated approach ensures you and your staff are promptly notified anytime a property is not effectively conserving energy. This is the right toolkit to stay informed—and stay happy—with a property’s performance.

The Simple Math of Savings

Verdant Plus solves the energy challenges property owners face by effectively monitoring both the operations (gateway offline and active alerts) and the savings metrics (Low EMS ON percentage). Whatever your portfolio of properties, this balanced approach ensures that actively saving energy is actually pretty simple: 

Alerts Are Essential to Saving Energy

Typically, the responsibility for onsite maintenance falls on property staff. But the industry continues to suffer a shortage of skilled workers up to the task. And that makes automated alerts and notifications essential to improving energy efficiency and conservation in your properties.

Verdant Plus utilizes email alerts to help you manage energy usage each month, providing critical notifications as needed:

  • Savings Alert emails sent to property staff
  • Escalation emails sent to property owners
  • Monthly HVAC energy savings summary report

Knowledge Really Is Power

The more you know, the more you can control. So the timing, cadence and content of the Savings Alerts are engineered to empower you—quickly informing staff and triggering the actions that help you save energy.

  • Alert 1: Online Status: When your system is offline for more than two days or some other specified time period
  • Alert 2: Optimal Savings Mode: When your daily energy saving levels decline below a certain threshold
  • Alert 3: Active Alerts: When our system identifies a surge in active alerts on your property

All of these alerts include a process of escalation ensuring timely attention to critical issues. Saving Alerts are sent to staff up to five times. Then the issue is escalated with emails to key decision-makers. Here’s how it works:

Savings Alert 1: GATEWAY OFFLINE

The first Savings Alert email arrives when a property has been offline for two days or some other customized duration. Property staff will receive exactly what they need to know:

  • A clear understanding of the issue
  • Its impact on the property
  • A step-by-step resolution guide complete with visuals aids

Support is on-hand along the way—including a dedicated representative providing a human touchpoint plus a live chat box embedded conveniently within the system.

ESCALATION PROCESS: If the property remains offline for 7 consecutive days, the alert gets escalated to property owners or decision-makers.

Savings Alert 2: LOW SAVINGS

The second Savings Alert is triggered when a property experiences a notable drop in its daily EMS ON percentage. Notification arrives automatically when the average EMS ON percentage of a property drops below 90% of its units. This alert brings clear direction for onsite staff:

  • Remove the rooms from VIP mode
  • Or connect to the dedicated support rep to review the energy profile

Support comes with Low Savings reminders emailed daily for five consecutive days—each one copied to your dedicated support representative for your convenience.

ESCALATION PROCESS: If property staff can neither resolve the issue or contact the dedicated support rep, we escalate this alert to property owners and stakeholders.


The third Savings Alert is not just a notification, it’s a call to action. This email is sent automatically when a surge of 10% or more of a property’s rooms are experiencing active alerts—particularly concerning these key issues:

  • No Contact with the Room
  • Temperature Out of Range

Support includes detailed emails explaining the alert, its potential impact and actionable steps for resolution. Your dedicated support staff is available via call, email or real-time chat. You an even schedule on-site visits as needed.

ESCALATION PROCESS: If these alerts linger for 5 days without resolution, we escalate the matter to decision-makers—often general managers or property owners.

How to Estimate Your Own Savings

See if your savings are what they should be. Get a free Savings Estimate today. You’ll receive a customized report of how much your property could save by installing Verdant’s energy management system.


Verdant guarantees that your property’s performance remains optimal, regardless of staff changes. It’s all about turning situational awareness and transparency into the tools for action. Saving Alerts are staged in escalating phases that drive the increasing urgency.

  • Phase 1: Savings Alerts are emailed to property managers

  • Phase 2: Alerts are repeated for 5 days or until cleared

  • Phase 3: Alerts not cleared within 5 days are escalated to decision-makers

Escalation Delivers Savings

It works because escalation ensures the right information is in the right staff’s hands at exactly the right time. And of course, your dedicated support rep is copied on these emails.

Escalating Savings Alerts offer owners the ultimate level of control and efficiency. And they’re offered only to subscribers of Verdant Plus.

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