Energy Management Made Simple with The VX Smart Thermostat

Our field-proven energy management thermostat, the Verdant VX smart thermostat, is the ideal fit for hotels, schools, and other facilities with random occupancy patterns. With its user-friendly interface, quick-and-easy installation, and compatibility approved by all major hotel brands, the VX thermostat offers the ultimate experience.

Featuring a large backlit screen and intuitive buttons, the VX thermostat makes it easy for guests to manage the temperature, promoting comfort and reducing unnecessary wear-and-tear on HVAC equipment. With customizable minimum and maximum setpoints, you can ensure guest comfort during any season.

Thanks to built-in wireless mesh-networking, the VX thermostat allows properties to take advantage of online management features. Keep track of HVAC equipment performance, receive automated email notifications, and ensure efficient energy usage from any internet-connected device. Stay in control and optimize your energy management system effortlessly.

The VX thermostat can be installed quickly and easily by your on-site facilities team and comes with free lifetime technical support.

VX Thermostat

VX Features


The VX thermostat has a large backlit screen and intuitive menu that’s easy to use for guests and engineers alike.


Installing each thermostat is easily done by your maintenance team in 10 minutes or less per room.


With wired and wireless versions available, you can place your thermostats anywhere in a room.


Works seamlessly with any HVAC system that allows for thermostat controls.


Features like ‘night occupancy mode’ ensure you save energy without compromising guest comfort.


Additional sensors for patio doors & multi-bedroom suites are available to accomodate any room configuration.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Verdant VX Thermostat

What is Verdant's VX smart thermostat?

Verdant’s VX smart thermostat simplifies energy management, providing the ideal solution for hotels, schools, multifamily homes, and senior residences. Indeed, our VX smart thermostat is best suited for commercial and residential properties with random occupancy patterns. In other words, our VX thermostat offers property managers unparalleled value, and is trusted by thousands of hotels throughout North America today. Equipped with a number of great features, including, night occupancy mode, our VX thermostat has established itself as the preeminent leader in guest room energy management technology. 

How does the VX smart thermostat work?

Our VX smart thermostat ultimately is designed to reduce energy consumption without compromising guest comfort, leveraging proprietary machine learning algorithms to continuously optimize smart thermostat settings and deliver maximum energy savings. Whether guests or residents are in the room, or the unit is vacant, the VX smart thermostat optimizes temperature settings, streamlining energy consumption. Compatible with any HVAC system that allows for thermostat controls, this smart thermostat comes equipped with all the features you need for maximum energy efficiency and comfort. 

How do I get started with Verdant's VX smart thermostat?

Getting started with Verdant’s VX smart thermostat is simpler than ever. The first step to integrating our smart thermostats in your residential or commercial properties is to book a web demo. From there, a dedicated energy management expert will outline the VX smart thermostat’s features, pricing, and compatibility. For more information, you can always consult the Verdant brochure

Where can I install Verdant's VX smart thermostat?

Verdant’s VX wired or wireless smart thermostat is extremely easy to install, embodying the plug-and-play nature of all our energy management products. In fact, your on-site facilities team can install each thermostat in 10 minutes or less per room. Simply get in touch with our team and a dedicated energy management expert will discuss installation options.

What are the benefits of Verdant's VX smart thermostat?

Put simply, our VX smart thermostats offer a variety of benefits including but limited to, 1) reduced energy consumption, 2) reduced utility costs, and, 3) increased HVAC lifespan. Better yet, this smart thermostat integrates seamlessly with our proprietary energy management system, providing peak energy efficiency at every turn. User-friendly and easy to install, our VX smart thermostat has everything you need to optimize your building’s energy usage.