Save Money on Energy Costs with Verdant Thermostats for Student Housing

With students spending 60% of their day outside of their dorms, building owners are wasting significant amounts of money heating and cooling empty rooms. Verdant energy management thermostats provide a smart solution by using occupancy sensors to intelligently adjust vacant room temperatures.

For building owners and operators, Verdant thermostats can help increase asset profitability by reducing energy costs. For students who pay the bills, Verdant thermostats provide a smart amenity that can help to reduce overall building energy and CO2 emissions.

Buildings have Verdant thermostats installed


Average HVAC runtime reduction

Why Choose Verdant as Your Energy Management Solution

Reduce Energy Costs

Verdant thermostats can help you save up to 20% on your energy costs

Increase NOI & Asset Profitability

Boost your NOI and achieve operational efficiency by reducing HVAC runtime by up to 40%

Centralized HVAC Management

Remotely manage all your dorms and common spaces’ thermostats across multiple buildings from one single platform

Unrivaled HVAC Compatibility

Compatible with virtually any HVAC technology including leading VRF systems (LG, Mitsubishi, Carrier)

Demand Response Programs

Verdant thermostats can participate in demand response programs, which can help you save more on your energy bill

Increase Retention

Smart technology improves the resident experience, leading to more lease-ups and retention

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How Do Verdant Thermostats Cut Your Energy Costs

With key smart technology features like Occupancy Detection, Setpoint Limits and Dynamic Recovery Time, the Verdant system optimizes energy usage in unoccupied units while extending HVAC lifespan and maintaining student comfort.

Advanced Occupancy Detection

Constantly scans rooms for movement and body heat to let unoccupied room temperature fluctuate within predefined thresholds

Setpoint Limits

Prevent students from setting room temperature above/below predefined limits

Dynamic Recovery Time

Ensures student chosen temperature is always restored within a predefined time period

More Perks of the Verdant System

Smart Tech Integration

Whether it’s Zigbee, Bluetooth, or API, Verdant can integrate with PMS software, locks, lights, and other IOT devices

ESG Compliance

Reducing HVAC energy consumption is a critical component of any ESG strategy. The Verdant system provides data that can help with ESG reporting and tracking progress

Case Studies

See How Our Partners Saved with Verdant

Read our case studies to see how the Verdant system has achieved significant energy savings for some of the largest student properties.

Get an exclusive glimpse into the success story at The Marshall by Aptitude Development.
Discover the impact of Verdant’s solutions at The Pier Conway, where energy efficiency is optimized.

Frequently Asked Questions: Student Housing Management

What are student housing energy management best practices?

Student housing energy management best practices commonly include using energy-efficient lighting and appliances, installing programmable smart thermostats to optimize heating and cooling, conducting regular energy audits, and implementing occupancy sensors to control lighting and HVAC in unoccupied areas. This can typically be controlled via an energy management system, delivering real-time energy savings data, streamlining student housing management. Additionally, informing students of the implementation of an energy management software, including how it works, can help reduce energy consumption and overall operational costs. Finally, it is equally important to solicit student feedback once the energy management solution has been implemented for a few months, ensuring all the settings are properly optimized.

How can smart thermostats help student housing managers optimize energy consumption?

Smart thermostats can help streamline student housing management by optimizing energy consumption via a centralized energy management system. Smart thermostats automatically adjust temperatures based on real-time occupancy patterns and historical performance data, ensuring optimal temperatures at all times. In other words, smart thermostats ultimately guarantee that heating and cooling are used efficiently, reducing energy consumption and overall operational costs.

What are challenges in student housing energy management?

Student housing management can be overwhelming at first, but with our Energy Management System by your side it doesn’t have to be. Challenges in student housing energy management include highly fluctuating occupancy levels, varying energy consumption patterns, and limited control over students’ energy behaviors. Indeed, students may be less attentive to energy conservation, leading to wasteful practices. However, Verdant’s smart thermostats come equipped with convenient features such as Night Occupancy Mode, Dynamic Intelligent Recovery, and Humidity Control that help keep energy consumption in check at all times.

Why is energy management important in the student housing industry?

Implementing energy-saving best practices is crucial in student housing management. For one, student housing complexes tend to demand significantly higher energy consumption. Student housing facilities also typically accommodate a larger number of residents with varying energy behaviors and preferences. As such, convenient energy management software and smart thermostats can be used to automate energy consumption, lower operating costs and energy usage, without compromising guest comfort and satisfaction. In fact, energy management solutions can also be configured to deliver real-time updates, providing further energy savings.

How can Verdant help student housing managers reach their ESG goals?

Verdant’s energy management systems are proven to reduce energy usage and carbon emissions, all-while increasing HVAC equipment lifespan. Our energy management software can be used to generate energy savings data in real-time from wherever you may be, helping your student housing facility reach their ESG goals, with a particular focus on its Environmental (E) impact. Real-time reporting capability is ideal when formulating upcoming ESG goals, ensuring you have everything you need to make informed decisions.

What other benefits can come from the Verdant energy management system?

Beyond enhanced HVAC control and reduced operating costs, Verdant’s energy management software provides a number of benefits, particularly as it applies to student housing management. For one, student housing managers can easily access their user-friendly energy management dashboard from the Verdant app (compatible with Apple and Android devices, and available on desktop). Additionally, our energy management solution provides occupancy-based visibility as well as a seamless demand response integration, ensuring optimal energy consumption and usage.

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