FAQs: Your Energy Management and Verdant Smart Thermostats Questions Answered

Whether you’re looking for more information about energy management or Verdant’s smart thermostats, we’ve got you covered. Get a better understanding of how the Verdant system works, including its impact on room temperature and the potential payback time for your investment. Discover the financial rebates and incentives available to help you maximize savings while adopting sustainable practices.

Explore the comprehensive range of thermostat features and functionalities, from their seamless integration with HVAC systems to their compatibility with various setups. Gain more insights on the benefits of our wireless thermostats, their efficient control of heating and cooling equipment, and the potential integration with property management systems.

Learn about the experiences of our diverse range of users across industries, and find out how they have successfully implemented Verdant’s energy management system.

Did we miss any questions? Contact us for more assistance and let our experts help you find the answers you need to get started with Verdant.


How long will it take to pay off the system cost?

There are several factors that contribute to the length of the payback period, including the location of your property, seasonal factors, and the availability of any rebates through your utility company. If you’d like a quote for your project with a projected breakeven period, click here to reach out.

To find out whether there are any rebates available in your service territory, contact us.

What's the impact of your system on room temperature?

When a Verdant thermostat detects someone in a room, the occupant is allowed full control over temperature.  When the room becomes unoccupied, the thermostat allows the temperature to drift up or down by a few degrees until the room becomes occupied again, at which point the temperature recovers to the occupant’s previous setting.

Are there financial rebates or incentives available for your system?

Yes, most utility companies across North America will provide rebates for our system, up to 100% of the system cost.  To see whether rebates are available in your area, use our rebate locator tool.

Can the Verdant EMS control lighting?

Verdant thermostats come with an auxiliary output that can deliver real-time occupancy status to a third-party lighting control system, allowing you to use the occupancy sensor from Verdant’s thermostat to control when the lights turn on/off.  To learn more about this thermostat, consult the spec sheet.

Who is using Verdant?

Verdant thermostats are now installed in thousands of hotels across North America, and that number is growing quickly.

We are an approved vendor of all major hotel chains such as IHG, Hilton, Marriott, etc, and we’ve also worked with schools, assisted living facilities, condos, and commercial office buildings.

Are Verdant thermostats compatible with my HVAC system?

Whether you have fan coils, PTACs, VTACs, a split system, or something else, Verdant thermostats are compatible with the vast majority of HVAC units on the market.

How much energy/money will I save?

Most properties see a 40% reduction in guestroom energy usage, which translates to about 15-20% savings on their overall energy bill.

If you’d like a more customized energy savings estimate, you can use our energy savings estimate tool to receive a customized energy savings report delivered to your inbox.

Do you offer free trials or samples?

Customers who may be interested in a trial or receiving samples of the Verdant energy management system should contact us to determine eligibility.


How does the thermostat work?

Verdant energy management thermostats are equipped with built-in occupancy sensors that continuously scan the room for a combination of human motion and body heat. Once the sensor has determined that the room is no longer occupied, the thermostat will automatically “setback” temperature in the room to eliminate unnecessary heating or air-conditioning.

When a guest returns to the room, the thermostat instantly recovers to the desired temperature of the guest.

What happens when guests are sleeping?

Verdant thermostats have a built-in patented feature called “night occupancy mode” that disables temperature setbacks overnight when guests are in the room during the evening. This feature ensures that heating and air-conditioning will never be turned off while your guests are asleep.

What happens if I leave the room temporarily?

Verdant thermostats do not setback immediately after a guest leaves the room.

Instead, we use a “setback delay”; a customizable setting that waits a pre-determined period of time after the occupant leaves the room before entering setback mode.

Are the thermostats wired or wireless?

Verdant manufactures both wired and wireless thermostats depending on your property’s needs.

Does your system come with a door switch?

Although door switches are an available accessory for certain situations such as rooms with balconies, the Verdant energy management thermostat is the only system approved by all major hotel chains and schools without requiring a door switch.

Are the thermostats low voltage?

Yes.  Verdant thermostats operate at 24 Volts, avoiding the need for a certified electrician during installation or maintenance.  120/240V adaptors are available if necessary.

How do the wireless thermostats control my heating/cooling equipment?

Each Verdant wireless kit comes with a wireless control card that connects directly to the heating/cooling unit, and communicates with our wireless thermostat.

Can the thermostat integrate with a PMS/BMS?

Yes, integrations are possible with most 3rd party systems, however the overwhelming majority of Verdant customers find it unnecessary based on the built-in system features.

Are Verdant thermostats Title 24 compliant?

Yes, Verdant thermostats comply with all applicable Title 24 California building codes.

Verdant EI

How does Verdant EI work?

Verdant EI uses machine learning algorithms to continuously analyze a wide range of in-room and external variables such as historical room temperature, local weather patterns, and room thermodynamics. It then outputs the optimal energy saving setting in real-time to maximize HVAC runtime reductions.

What are the details of the complete warranty coverage?

Customers who purchase Verdant EI receive:

  • All software updates for the 12 months following purchase;
  • A guarantee that any defective hardware will be replaced at no cost in the 12 months following the purchase of Verdant EI.*

*Guarantee does not cover hardware that has been damaged by a guest, or caused by customer negligence.  Verdant in its sole discretion may refuse any RMA request it deems to have been caused by negligence.  Verdant will use commercially reasonable efforts to ship replacement parts within 10 working days after receipt of the RMA request. Actual delivery times may vary depending on customer location.

How is it priced?

Verdant EI is a subscription service billed annually.  Contact a Verdant sales representative for more pricing information.


Can I Install Verdant thermostats myself?

Yes!  Virtually all of our customers install our system on their own.  If you’d like to see what a typical installation looks like, watch our self-guided installation video.

In circumstances where installation may be more complicated, our technical support team are available to assist you with your installation, completely free of charge.