Level Up Your Energy Savings with Verdant Plus

Verdant Plus is a subscription-based service that helps maximize energy savings by continuously monitoring your energy management. It’s designed to ensure that building owners and property staff have the right toolkit to stay informed and happy with their property performance.

The high turnover rate in the commercial property industry presents a constant challenge in training new staff on existing systems. Verdant Plus eliminates this concern with remote management, allowing property owners to maintain consistent savings.

With Verdant Plus, you’re not just managing energy, you’re mastering it.

Why Choose Verdant Plus

Maximize Energy Savings with Automated Alerts

Track savings via monthly custom emails:

  • Savings alert emails to property staff
  • Escalation emails to property owners
  • Monthly HVAC energy savings summary report

Priority Customer Support with Dedicated Agents

Each customer will be assigned a dedicated support rep who will be the point of contact for any inquiries regarding their property via email, phone, or chat box.

Verdant Plus also provides guidance on how to solve any issues that arise to help property staff quickly address problems and maintain a comfortable environment for residents or guests.

Free On-Site Tech Visit In First Year

Verdant offers a free on-site tech visit during the first year of Verdant Plus service, ensuring that the installation process runs smoothly until completion.

Most technical and operational problems occur within first 6 months of installation if the system isn’t properly managed and monitored.

Rolling Stock & Lifetime Warranty

Verdant Plus provides warranty and rolling stock protection for your energy management system.

Extra thermostats are included with your order, and in case of damage, we will replace them at no cost.

More Perks of Verdant Plus

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Advanced Energy Savings Profile Configuration

Demand Response Integration



Discount on À La Carte Services



Get Started with Verdant

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A monthly summary email report from Verdant Plus

How Does Verdant Plus Work

Property owners invest in smart energy management systems, but the responsibility for onsite maintenance falls on property staff, including property managers and engineers. Given the industry-wide shortage of skilled workers, automating alerts and notifications are essential to improve staff efficiency.

While property owners strive to optimize energy savings, property managers often prioritize resident/guest comfort, sometimes disabling energy-saving measures due to resident/guest complaints. The Verdant Plus service bridges this gap by automating energy savings monitoring within a property. This ensures that property owners are promptly notified if their property is not effectively conserving energy.

Stay Informed with 3 Savings Alerts

Email alerts are activated and sent out to property operators for three major reasons.

Alert 1: Online Status

When your system is offline for more than 2 days

(time period is customizable)

Alert 2: Optimal Savings Mode

When your daily energy saving levels decline below a certain threshold

Alert 3: Active Alerts

When our system identifies a surge in active alerts on your property

In case of alerts, technicians on-site may be needed at the property to fix hardware as Verdant Plus is not a “hands-free” service.

The Flow of Escalation Emails

Verdant guarantees that your property’s performance remains optimal, regardless of staff changes. Our system deploys alert emails to on-site staff, offering solutions for addressing performance issues promptly, either at the property or by contacting Verdant.

If problems aren’t resolved in time, stakeholders/decision makers will receive custom escalation emails concerning persistent energy disparities impacting their property.

Phase 1

Email alerts are sent to property managers

Phase 2

Emails are repeated for 5 days or until cleared

Phase 3

Alerts are escalated to decision makers/stakeholders (if not cleared by managers after 5 days)

Start Saving Energy with Verdant

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