The Best of Both Worlds: Energy Management Solution for Multifamily Building Owners and Residents

Managing rising energy costs while keeping residents comfortable is an ongoing challenge for multifamily building operators. Enter Verdant’s energy management thermostats—a tailored solution designed to meet the needs of multifamily properties of any size or class.

Whether utility expenses are sub-metered or included in the rent, you can cut energy waste regardless of who pays the bills. The Verdant system also automates energy management and tracks savings across your entire property portfolio via a centralized web-based portal. And best of all, your residents’ comfort is always the top priority.


Why Multifamily Buildings Choose Verdant as Their Energy Management Solution

Boost Energy Savings

Save up to 20% in energy savings by slashing HVAC runtime by 40% on average. Verdant ensures a swift payback, typically within 12-18 months, with utility rebates covering up to 100% of costs

Easy Installation

Plug-and-play solution for wired and wireless needs – in new construction and retrofit projects. Self-install each thermostat in under 10 minutes

Unrivaled HVAC Compatibility

Works seamlessly with virtually any HVAC technology, including industry-leading VRF systems (LG, Mitsubishi, Carrier)

Remote Visibility

Verdant provides centralized control over thermostats across your entire property, enabling managers to monitor and adjust temperatures in real time

Increase Asset Profitability

Boost your NOI and achieve operational efficiency

Integrated Mesh Networking

Independent of your building’s Wi-Fi and operates without impacting existing network bandwidth

Verdant System Integrations

There is a growing interest for smart tech integrations among multifamily renters, particularly Millennials and Gen Z. In fact, 77% of renters are willing to pay more for these features. By embracing smart technology as part of their resident experience, landlords and property managers can attract quality residents, improve renewal rates, and increase long-term revenue

Demand Response

Participate in demand response programs to save more on your energy bill

Smart Home Tech

Integrate with PMS software, door locks, lights, and other IOT devices using the Verdant API

Building Management System (BMS)

Integrate with broader BMS via backend

How Do Verdant Thermostats Cut Your Energy Costs

With key smart technology features like Occupancy Detection, Setpoint Limits and Dynamic Recovery Time, the Verdant system optimizes energy usage in unoccupied units while extending HVAC lifespan and maintaining resident comfort.

Advanced Occupancy Detection

Constantly scans rooms for movement and body heat to let unoccupied room temperature fluctuate within predefined thresholds

Setpoint Limits

Prevent residents from setting room temperature above/below predefined limits

Dynamic Recovery Time

Ensures residents’ chosen temperature is always restored within a predefined time period

Sustainability Simplified with Verdant

As sustainability takes center stage, aligning your property portfolio with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles is crucial. Verdant’s energy management system provides data that contributes to your ESG reports.

By making informed decisions, you’ll enhance your portfolio’s resilience and contribute to a greener future.

Support with ESG Reporting

Achieve Co2 Reduction Goals

Discover the Verdant Advantage

Book a web demo and explore how Verdant can significantly reduce energy costs for your multifamily building.

Building Operator Console

One platform for your entire portfolio. Monitor and manage your thermostats across all your properties from one single place!

Image showing building operator online management platform with hotel floorplan and individual room temperature


Maximize energy savings when units are vacant and utilities fall on the owner

System Alerts

Receive diagnostic alerts when individual HVAC units may be acting up

Add & Remove Residents Easily

Give each resident access to control their unit without a tedious registration process

Preventative Maintenance

Access runtime reports & get real-time HVAC diagnostic alerts


Monitor real-time occupancy status for maintenance purposes

One Platform for your Entire Portfolio

Monitor and manage all your properties from one single place

Remote Settings Management

Adjust settings based on your needs: vacant mode, savings off, set temperature or system off

Resident App

Give your residents full remote control over their thermostats.

Temperature Control

Give residents full temperature control from anywhere, anytime

Programmable Scheduling

Add up to 6 configurable periods or “smart mode” to automatically save energy when away

Vacation Mode

Provide your residents with maximum savings by allowing temperature setback each time the unit is empty

Estimate Energy Savings

Residents can track monthly energy savings

See How Our Partners Saved with Verdant

Explore our case studies to see how the Verdant system has achieved significant energy savings for some of the largest multifamily buildings.

Frequently Asked Questions: Multifamily Property Management

How does Verdant's energy management systems help achieve ESG goals?

Energy Management Systems (EMS) play a crucial role in helping multifamily property managers achieve their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals. Verdant’s Energy Management Systems reduce HVAC runtimes by up to 40%, increasing Net Operating Income (NOI) without compromising the comfort of your residents. Our Energy Management System ultimately helps users monitor and control energy usage for their multifamily buildings (MDUs),  providing real-time data and analytics on energy reduction, helping multifamily property managers reach their ESG goals via lowered carbon emissions. 

How do I make my multifamily building more energy efficient?

There are a number of ways multifamily property owners can make their MDUs more energy efficient. Conducting an energy audit to identify inefficiencies is a great place to start, outlining potential energy savings for your multifamily home. Once complete, the installation of energy-saving smart thermostats, as well as a dedicated energy optimization services, such as Verdant Plus, simplifies multifamily property management, giving you the ability to monitor and optimize energy usage in real time, streamlining inefficiencies. 

How do I get started with Verdant's energy management solutions for my multifamily home?

Setting up your multifamily home (MDU) with Verdant is simpler than ever. You can request a quote or can schedule a demo for a web demonstration of our energy management system. Verdant energy experts will then carefully assess your needs, building type and HVAC equipment to recommend the most adapted technology. Once installed, the Verdant system will provide you with centralized MDU heating & cooling management through our cloud based online management portal.

What are the benefits of a centralized multifamily home energy management system?

The Verdant online console for building managers offers a number of benefits, eliminating the hassle of multifamily property management. For one, Verdant  energy management dashboard gives you access to energy savings data in real time and can help monitor equipment efficiency across multiple buildings in your portfolio.

Our online energy management system is extremely easy to use, allowing users to remotely change temperature, put rooms in vacant mode, and allocate user permissions directly from the app. Ultimately, Verdant’s energy management system reduces energy consumption and utility costs and increases HVAC lifespan, ensuring you have everything you need for optimal MDU management. 

How will the Verdant system impact my residence?

Verdant’s energy management system is designed to eliminate unnecessary heating & cooling when units and common spaces are empty by using occupancy-based technology. When residents leave their units, our technology will let the temperature drift naturally within reasonable setback limits and immediately restore resident preferred temperature when they re-enter their units to maintain optimal resident experience.

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