Energy Management Products: Discover the Best Smart Thermostats for HVAC Management

Take control of your property’s comfort levels and energy savings with Verdant’s energy management systems. Browse our products and consult with our team for guidance and seamless installation.

Illustration of a Verdant VX thermostat


Energy Saving Thermostats

Our thermostats save money through real time occupancy detection; saving energy when rooms are unoccupied.

  • Available in either wired or wireless versions
  • Can be self-installed in 10 minutes
  • Ships in 3 days or less
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Verdant Plus

Our subscription-based service, Verdant Plus, bridges the gap between property owners and staff by automating energy savings alerts with notifications.

  • Notifies property owners when their property is not effectively conserving energy
  • Offers a dedicated support rep assigned to each customer
  • Includes a lifetime warranty for all Verdant hardware
Illustration of a Verdant VX thermostat


Verdant Starter Kit

Install Verdant’s award winning energy management system at your property for a fraction of the price.

Frequently Asked Questions: Verdant Products

What is a smart energy management thermostat?

Simply put, a smart thermostat is a thermostat that can be remotely controlled with a phone, tablet, or an internet-connected device. Typically, smart thermostats allow users to schedule desired temperature settings, eliminating unnecessary heating & cooling costs and optimizing energy consumption.. Verdant’s user-friendly smart thermostats are designed with simplicity and modernity in mind, offering a convenient solution to energy savings, with unrivaled HVAC compatibility.. Our smart energy management thermostats offer property managers the ability to monitor their HVAC equipment performance, and come equipped for both retrofit and new construction scenarios. 

How do smart energy management thermostats work?

Smart thermostats work by using advanced technology to control and optimize heating and cooling systems in a home, hotel, student housing, senior residence, or multifamily unit. Smart thermostats connect directly to WIFI and can be controlled remotely through the mobile apps and even on desktops. These thermostats use temperature and humidity sensors to monitor real-time occupancy patterns.

Verdant’s commercial-grade smart thermostats automatically adjust temperatures in units and common areas based on real-time occupancy patterns, providing optimal resident comfort and energy efficiency. Overall, smart thermostats help property managers save on unnecessary energy costs, reach sustainability goals and increase assets’ profitability.

Are smart thermostats worth it?

Absolutely! Smart thermostats are worth it for multifamily property managers willing to increase their Net Operating Income by accessing significant energy savings and increased HVAC lifespan via optimized heating and cooling schedules. While the initial cost may be higher than traditional thermostats, the long-term energy savings and quick payback period outweigh the investment. Additionally, by meeting building codes standards, smart thermostats not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also contribute to future-proofing your properties for potential investors. 

What is Verdant's Starter Kit?

Verdant’s Starter Kit is everything you need to start optimizing energy consumption and efficiency in multi-dwelling units, hotels, senior residences, and student housing. Our starter kit comes equipped with 4 VX Series Thermostats, 1 Online Connection Kit. Our smart thermostats ultimately streamline energy efficiency, particularly when units are unoccupied, while the connection kit enables remote management – wherever you may be. Finally, the Verdant app provides real-time energy savings data and fully automated system settings, helping you maximize energy efficiency with ease.