Transform Your Hotel’s Energy Efficiency, Elevate Guest Experience

Are your hotel rooms contributing to soaring energy bills? Stop the financial drain and elevate guest comfort with Verdant’s energy management solution. Our system intelligently reduces HVAC runtime by up to 40% while rooms are unoccupied, minimizing costs and environmental impact.

Verdant ensures an uncompromised guest experience year-round, prioritizing the well-being of your guests through innovative features and patented algorithms.

Embrace sustainability and experience the Verdant difference.

Trusted & Installed by the World’s Largest Hospitality Brands, Ownership, and Management Companies

Why Hotels Choose Verdant as Their Energy Management Solution

Reduce Energy Costs

Achieve up to 20% savings on your hotel’s energy costs by reducing HVAC runtime by an average of 40%

Quick Payback

Typically pays for itself in 12-18 months with utility rebates covering up to 100% of costs

Easy Installation

Plug-and-play solution for wired and wireless needs – in new construction and retrofit projects. Self-install each thermostat in under 10 minutes

Unrivaled HVAC Compatibility

Designed to be compatible with virtually any HVAC technology, Verdant works seamlessly with leading VRF systems
(LG, Mitsubishi, and Carrier)

Centralized HVAC Management

Effortlessly manage thermostats throughout your entire hotel, including rooms and lobbies, from a single platform

PMS & Smart Tech Integration

Integrate with PMS software, door locks, lights, and other IOT devices – whether it’s Zigbee, Bluetooth, or API

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Unlock the Power of Verdant Thermostats

With key smart technology features like Occupancy Detection, Setpoint Limits and Dynamic Recovery Time, the Verdant system optimizes energy usage in unoccupied units while extending HVAC lifespan and maintaining guest comfort.

Advanced Occupancy Detection

Constantly scans rooms for movement and body heat to let unoccupied room temperature fluctuate within predefined thresholds

Setpoint Limits

Prevent guests from setting room temperature above/below predefined limits

Dynamic Recovery Time

Ensures guests’ chosen temperature is always restored within a predefined time period

More Perks of the Verdant System

Lifetime Customer Support

Get lifetime Verdant tech support included with your hardware purchase, at no additional cost. Enjoy unlimited support via chat and phone

ESG Compliance

Verdant provides data that supports business sustainability and contributes to your overall ESG reporting efforts

Case Studies

See How Our Partners Saved with Verdant

Read our case studies to see how the Verdant system has achieved significant energy savings for some of the largest hotels and resorts.

A Hyatt Place property at night, with colorful accent lighting.
Gain insights from BRE Hotels & Resorts and understand how it benefited from partnering with Verdant.
Timber Ridge at Talus, a senior living community that implemented Verdant thermostats
Discover the impact of Verdant’s solutions at Great Wolf Resort, where energy efficiency is optimized.

Verdant System Integration

A senior couple using a laptop while sitting on a sofa during a demand response event

Smart Tech Integration

The Verdant API unlocks seamless connections for your hotel ecosystem.

Effortlessly connect your Property Management System (PMS) and smart guestroom initiatives, including door locks and lighting, via BACNet, ZigBee, Bluetooth, or API

Level Up Your Energy Savings with Verdant Plus

Verdant Plus is a subscription-based service that optimizes energy efficiency by continuously monitoring your energy management.
It’s designed to equip hotel owners and property staff with the necessary tools to stay informed and satisfied with their property performance throughout the month.

Savings Alerts & Reports

Track energy savings via monthly custom emails. Ensure that the staff and owner of your property stays informed with automated alerts

Priority Customer Support

Get a dedicated support rep for any inquiries. Receive guidance on how to solve any issues that arise to help property staff quickly address problems and maintain a comfortable environment for guests

Rolling Stock & Lifetime Warranty

Receive warranty and rolling stock protection for your energy management system. Extra thermostats are included with your order, and in case of damage, we will replace them at no cost

Frequently Asked Questions: Energy Management for Hospitality

What are hotel energy management best practices?

Hotel energy management best practices include implementing smart thermostats for HVAC systems, energy-efficient lighting, HVAC systems, smart thermostats, and appliances, using occupancy sensors to control lighting and HVAC in unoccupied areas. Additional hotel management best practices include conducting regular energy audits, training staff on energy-saving practices, and integrating an energy management system. Indeed, adopting these practices can help hotels reduce energy consumption, lower operating costs, and enhance their environmental sustainability efforts.

How can Verdant smart thermostats help hotels manage energy consumption?

Verdant Smart thermostats can help hotels manage energy consumption by reducing HVAC runtime when the rooms are empty. Verdant collects and provides actionable data on real-time occupancy patterns.

Smart thermostat features include built-in occupancy sensing, scheduler mode, and 24/7 online access via an energy management software. These smart thermostats can quickly detect room occupancy and adjust the temperature accordingly, avoiding unnecessary heating or cooling in unoccupied rooms, simplifying hotel management.

Implementing smart thermostats in your hotel can lead to real savings by reducing energy bills by 15% to 20%, allowing you to pay less on your electric bill. These smart thermostats also typically integrate seamlessly with other energy management solutions.

What are challenges in hotel energy management?

Hotel management, and hotel energy management, particularly, does not come without its own fair share of challenges. Challenges in hotel energy management include high energy demand due to round-the-clock operation, fluctuating occupancy levels, guest comfort expectations, and aging infrastructure.

However, what sets Verdant apart from competitors is its array of smart thermostat features. These include Dynamic Intelligent Recovery, Night Occupancy Mode, and Humidity Control—all designed to address specific challenges.

For example, Dynamic Intelligent Recovery optimizes heating and cooling efficiency. Night Occupancy Mode turns off the energy management feature during the nighttime to ensure guests’ sleep is undisturbed throughout the night. Meanwhile, Humidity Control ensures that rooms are cooled intermittently to prevent humidity, even when guests are away, thereby avoiding the potential for mold and mildew.

Why is energy management important in the hotel industry?

In general, energy management has emerged as a global trend and is mandated in some cases by governments—a trend that also holds true for the hotel industry. Specifically, within the hotel sector, implementation varies based on regional laws within each country. Given the hotel industry’s substantial energy consumption and its consequential environmental impact in terms of reducing carbon footprint, effective energy management is deemed crucial. The environmental performance of many hotels is now assessed based on their energy consumption, directly influencing their carbon footprint.

 Hotels operate 24/7 and require substantial energy for heating, cooling, lighting, and other services. Effective energy and hotel management helps reduce operating costs, improve profitability, and enhance environmental sustainability. Energy management also promotes a positive brand image by showcasing the hotel’s commitment to responsible energy use. Additionally, energy management helps hotels comply with ESG goals that can be entirely tracked within a user-friendly energy management system, such as Verdant Plus.

How can Verdant help hotels reach their ESG goals?

Energy-conscious regulations are becoming increasingly widespread and are broadening in scope. This trend aligns with consumer preferences, as more individuals opt for brands that prioritize sustainability. Additionally, many corporations are now adopting goal-oriented Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives.

Billions of kWh are wasted annually heating and cooling empty hotel rooms and residences. By addressing this issue, Verdant contributes to the environmental aspect of ESG. The implementation of energy management thermostats is a practical step to reduce kWh consumption on your property, leading to a more efficient building. Smart thermostats, in particular, play a crucial role in helping hotel managers achieve their ESG goals, specifically focusing on environmental objectives.

Put simply, Verdant’s energy management solution helps hotels save energy, reducing carbon emissions and overall utility costs. Plus, our energy management system reports exactly how much energy is saved, helping hotel managers formulate ESG goals. 

How easy is it to implement the Verdant energy management solution?

Implementing Verdant’s energy management solution has never been simpler. The installation is plug-and-play – place a thermostat on the wall, configure some basic settings, and you’re all set to save energy. Moreover, as an Verdant customer, you gain access to lifetime customer support, where we provide training to assist you in the installation and effective management of the system.

The Verdant App, our user-friendly energy management dashboard, continuously monitors your hotel’s energy usage 24/7, ensuring maximum energy savings. This app offers real-time data on energy savings and is compatible with any Apple or Android device, making it easily accessible for your convenience.

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