Complete Your Verdant Smart Thermostat Setup with Hardware Accessories

Enhance your energy management system with our comprehensive selection of hardware accessories designed to optimize performance and maximize energy savings. Expand the occupancy detection area and unlock the full potential of your Verdant smart thermostat setup with our range of accessories.

From online connection kits to wireless control cards to remote temperature sensors and wall plates, each accessory integrates into your Verdant setup, ensuring a seamless and efficient installation.

Dive deeper into our thermostat accessories to find more detailed information, including spec sheets for each item. Make an informed decision for your property by gaining a better understanding of each accessory’s capabilities.

For further assistance, reach out to our dedicated Verdant team to learn more about our thermostat accessories, installation options, and tailored solutions. Our experts are ready to discuss our solutions, helping you create an energy-efficient and optimized system that meets your exact requirements and achieves your desired results.

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ZX Accessories

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Frequently Asked Questions: Verdant Accessories

How do Verdant's smart thermostat accessories work?

Verdant’s accessories compliment our smart thermostats, extending occupancy detection area to maximize energy savings. From our online connection kit and wireless occupancy sensor to our wireless remote temperature sensor, Verdant’s smart thermostat accessories provide automated, enhanced HVAC control, eliminating energy inefficiencies. Easy to install and user-friendly, our smart thermostat accessories make for a convenient addition to any multifamily property, hotel, senior residence, or student housing complex.  

What can Verdant's smart thermostat accessories be used for?

Verdant’s smart thermostat accessories serve a number of crucial functions, providing users with automated and real-time energy savings data and solutions. Our smart thermostat accessories can be used to 1) extend detection area, 2) allow compatible Verdant thermostats to disable heating or air conditioning when a door or window is open, 3) detect occupancy patterns in common areas, and 4) help users connect from their phone or desktop to manage and monitor energy consumption.

What are examples of smart thermostat accessories?

Common smart thermostat accessories include our Online Connection Kit, our Wireless Control Cards, our Wireless Occupancy Sensor, our Wireless Door/Window Sensor, our Wireless Occupancy Sensor, Voltage Adapters, thermostat wall plates, as well as our Wireless Remote Temperature Sensor. Ultimately, these accessories are designed to compliment our smart thermostats, maximizing energy savings.

What is the difference between ZX and VX smart thermostat accessories?

Verdant’s ZX and VX smart thermostat accessories are similar, including the Online Connection Kit and Wireless Control Cards, however, a few key differences exist. For example, as their name suggests, our VX Series Thermostat Wallplate and ZX Series Thermostat Wallplate are only compatible with their respective thermostats. Our VX smart thermostat accessories feature an additional two products, namely the Wireless Control Card Wall Plate and Voltage Adapters.

How do Verdant's smart thermostat accessories deliver energy savings?

Verdant’s smart thermostat accessories make for the ultimate addition to any multifamily property, hotel, senior residence, or student housing communities, offering property managers real-time, actionable energy savings data. Our smart thermostat accessories can increase detection area and monitor the performance of HVAC equipment directly from your smartphone. Notably, our smart thermostat accessories automatically adjust to real-time occupancy patterns, whether the unit is vacant, or your tenants are sleeping, offering significant energy savings.