Hospitality Smart Energy Management Case Studies 

Through various hotels & resorts success stories, learn how the Verdant smart thermostats help reduce energy waste in unoccupied rooms, maximize profitability and enhance guest experience.

BRE Hotels & Resorts

Cumulative Savings


Payback Period

10 Months

Average Runtime Reduction


Explore the remarkable success story of BRE Hotels & Resorts as they leverage Verdant’s expertise to unlock substantial cost savings and maximize asset value through utility rebates.

Le Méridien St. Louis Clayton

Cumulative Savings


Climate Zone

Mixed Humid

Electric Rate


Explore the success of Le Méridien St. Louis Clayton, and find out how they enhanced energy efficiency by implementing Verdant’s smart thermostats.

Great Wolf Resort

Cumulative Savings


Payback Period

27 Months

Average Runtime Reduction


Gain insights into the success story of the Great Wolf Resort in Arizona, showcasing how their partnership with Verdant’s energy management solutions drove remarkable energy efficiency.

Stop wasting money on energy costs.


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