The Verdant Sensor Network

First of it’s kind, The Verdant Sensor Network contributes to reducing the average amount of heat needed for buildings where unitary HVAC control is not available.  By placing temperature & humidity sensors in each unit, the sensors will then report to an online platform allowing building operators to get real-time access to temperature and humidity data.


System Perks

Plug & Play Solution

Remote Temperature Visibility

Optimized Energy Savings

Optimized for ESG & Building Codes Standard

Predictive Maintenance

By contributing to a balanced steam distribution system within the building, the Sensor Network allows heat to reach all apartments in a timely fashion and minimizes heating fuel waste.


Verdant’s Plug&Play Sensor Network consists of the following devices:

Wireless Sensors

In-unit wired or wireless sensors operate as an autonomous mesh network to collect temperature and humidity readings. The gathered data  is then communicated to a router via 902 MHz to 928 MHz radio frequency.

1 or more sensors per unit


Router(s) transmit the collected data from the sensors to the Online Connection Kit (Gateway) in real-time.

1 Router for up to 64 sensors


Gateway(s) will send the collected data to the cloud via BACnet or API, providing building operators not only with full visibility over their system but also strong reporting capabilities through their online management portal.

1 Gateway for up to 500 Routers

In a world where sustainability regulations and building codes are rising, Environmental Social Governance (ESG), has emerged at the heart of MDU management, and is steadily becoming a requirement in the operation of commercial properties. Our sensor network provides real-time access to monitor and track your building’s temperature and humidity data.