Energy Management Products: Discover the Best Smart Thermostats for HVAC Management

Experience peak energy efficiency with Verdant’s smart thermostats. Whether in hospitality, multifamily, student housing, or the senior living industry, optimize HVAC management with our innovative solutions.

ZX Series

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VX Series

Verdant VX4 energy management thermostat in black

VX4 Series

Compare our smart thermostats to find the perfect fit for your property’s needs. Enjoy year-round comfort with advanced features that ensure ideal temperatures in any weather.

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  • 10 minute self-install   
  • Remote Occupancy Sensors   

  • ZX Series

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  • 2X AAA

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  • VX Series

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  • Optional

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  • 2x AA

  • Yes

  • Optional

Frequently Asked Questions: Verdant Thermostats

How do smart thermostats work?

Smart thermostats deliver peak energy efficiency by adjusting real-time occupancy patterns using advanced technology. Featuring a number of convenient settings, including, night occupancy mode, flexible setbacks, and advanced humidity control, smart thermostats ensure that an occupant’s optimal temperature is restored within a configurable amount of time upon their return to a room, without compromising guest comfort. Smart thermostats can also control any other electrical device in the room, including makeup air, lighting, dampers, and electrical outlets based on occupancy signals, integrating seamlessly with our energy management system. 

Do smart thermostats work without Wi-Fi?

Yes, smart thermostats do not entirely depend on internet connection to work and deliver basic functionality when not connected to Wi-Fi. Without Wi-Fi, smart thermostats operate as a traditional thermostat would, dispensing the basic heating and cooling functionalities. When connected to Wi-Fi, however, smart thermostats unlock their full potential, offering remote control, live monitoring, and real-time updates directly from our energy management software. Without internet connection, users lose the ability to control their thermostats remotely, as well as visibility over system and settings. 

What is the difference between the ZX and VX Smart Thermostat?

Our ZX and VX smart thermostats are similar in the sense that they are easy to install and use, and are great fits for hotels, and other facilities such as multifamily properties with random occupancy patterns. The main difference remains in their design, with a more modern & simplified look for the ZX thermostat. Both our ZX and VX smart thermostats are designed with modernity and simplicity in mind, delivering concrete energy savings. Compatible with any HVAC system that allows for thermostat controls, our smart thermostats integrate effortlessly into our energy management solution.

Do smart thermostats lower energy use?

Yes! Smart thermostats are proven to lower energy consumption, maximizing energy savings. In many ways, installing smart thermostats can take your energy savings to a whole new level. Using proprietary machine learning algorithms to optimize system settings based on historical performance data, our smart thermostats and energy management software adjust to real-time occupancy patterns, optimizing energy usage. And with our online console by your side, you can remotely monitor and manage our smart thermostats within a few clicks. 

What is a smart thermostat?

A smart thermostat is a type of thermostat that is equipped with advanced technology and features to provide more control, convenience, and energy efficiency compared to traditional thermostats. These intelligent devices allow users to manage and adjust their property’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems remotely through a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Key features of smart thermostats include, but are not limited to, remote access, energy savings reports, seamless integration, as well as advanced learning capabilities.