Reduce Energy Waste and Costs,
Simplify Life for Seniors

With electricity costs reaching unprecedented peaks, HVAC energy consumption now constitutes up to 40% of total electricity usage in commercial buildings. Senior living operators face the challenge of maintaining low operation costs while prioritizing resident comfort.

Verdant’s commercial thermostat is the solution designed to meet the needs of senior living facilities of any type, size, or asset class. Our system slashes utility costs, automates energy management, and tracks savings across your entire property portfolio through a centralized web-based portal. All this is achieved while maximizing resident comfort and delivering easy-to-use temperature control.

Why Senior Residences Choose Verdant as Their Energy Management Solution

Unlock Savings, Quick ROI

Save up to 20% in energy savings by slashing HVAC runtime by 40% on average. Verdant solutions ensure a swift payback, typically within 18-30 months

Optimal Resident Comfort

Choose from pre-set comfort profiles that match typical senior routines and can be customized based on the level of care. No need for manual adjustments, simply relax and enjoy a comfortable living environment

Intuitive & User Friendly

Our large, backlit displays with bold text ensure easy reading in any lighting condition. Enjoy an intuitive design that makes adjusting temperature settings a breeze

Unrivaled HVAC Compatibility

Works seamlessly with virtually any HVAC technology, including industry-leading VRF systems (LG, Mitsubishi, Carrier)

Remote Visibility

Verdant provides centralized control over thermostats across your entire property, enabling managers and caregivers to monitor and adjust temperatures in real time

Easy Installation

Plug-and-play solution for wired and wireless needs – in new construction and retrofit projects. Each thermostat can be self-installed in under 10 minutes

Discover the Verdant Advantage

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Ensure the Well-Being and Comfort of Seniors with Verdant Energy Management Solutions

Our smart thermostats are designed to suit the needs and preferences of seniors in different types of living arrangements – independent living, assisted living, or memory care.

Different Profiles for Different Levels of Care

Customize and adjust the thermostat settings for each level of senior care and preference

Setpoint Limit for Temperature Control

Maintain a comfortable and consistent environment for seniors in memory care by preventing unwanted temperature changes for seniors in memory care with the setpoint limit feature

Remote Care Control

Occupancy detection allows you to monitor in-room activity and take appropriate action remotely

How Do Verdant Thermostats Cut Your Energy Costs

With key smart technology features like Occupancy Detection, Setpoint Limits and Dynamic Recovery Time, the Verdant system optimizes energy usage in unoccupied units while extending HVAC lifespan and maintaining senior comfort.

Advanced Occupancy Detection

Constantly scans rooms for movement and body heat to let unoccupied room temperature fluctuate within predefined thresholds

Setpoint Limits

Prevent seniors from setting room temperature above/below predefined limits

Dynamic Recovery Time

Ensures seniors’ chosen temperature is always restored within a predefined time period

More Perks of the Verdant System

ESG Compliance

Reducing HVAC energy consumption is a critical component of any ESG strategy. The Verdant system provides data that can help with ESG reporting

Smart Tech Integration

Whether it’s Zigbee, Bluetooth, or API, Verdant can integrate with PMS software, locks, lights, and other IOT devices

Case Studies

See How Our Partners Saved with Verdant

Read our case studies to see how the Verdant system has achieved significant energy savings for some of the largest senior living properties.
Gain insights from The Landing of Mills River and understand how it benefited from partnering with Verdant.
Timber Ridge at Talus, a senior living community that implemented Verdant thermostats
Discover the impact of Verdant’s solutions at The Pier Conway, where energy efficiency is optimized.

Frequently Asked Questions: Senior Living

What are senior residence energy management best practices?
Common senior residence energy management best practices include implementing an energy management system, as well as energy-efficient lighting, HVAC systems, and smart thermostats. Additionally, senior residence managers can conduct regular energy audits, ensuring optimal energy usage and consumption. Senior residence managers can also educate residents and staff about energy conservation, equipping them with easy-to-follow energy-saving tips. Overall, energy management solutions in senior residences reduce operating costs, streamlining energy usage.
How can smart thermostats help senior residence managers optimize energy consumption?
Smart thermostats can help senior residence managers optimize energy consumption by automating heating and cooling systems based on historical performance data and real-time occupancy patterns. Smart thermostats offer features like night occupancy mode, dynamic intelligent recovery, and humidity control, automatically adjusting temperature settings. With the ability to monitor and manage multiple thermostats from a centralized energy management software, managers can ensure that rooms are only heated or cooled when occupied, reducing energy waste and improving overall energy efficiency in senior residences.
How does Verdant ensure senior residents' comfort?
Verdant understands that no property is the same, but our energy management solution comes equipped with customizable settings that allow you to find that balance while maintaining resident comfort. Our energy management system and smart thermostats are designed to maintain rooms at optimal temperatures, whether they are occupied or vacant.
Why is energy management important in the senior residence industry?
Energy management is important in the senior residence industry to ensure the comfort and well-being of residents while optimizing operational costs. Senior residences typically have high energy demands due to the round-the-clock care and services provided. Effective energy management solutions help reduce utility expenses, making residences more affordable. Additionally, energy management systems in senior residences contribute to environmental sustainability by minimizing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. In other words, senior residences can create a more comfortable and sustainable living environment for their residents by adopting energy-efficient practices and energy management softwares.
How can Verdant help senior residence managers reach their ESG goals?
Energy management systems play a vital role in helping senior residence managers achieve their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals, particularly as it applies to their Environmental (E) goals. Energy management systems ultimately reduce a senior residence’s carbon emissions, lowering energy consumption and utility costs. Additionally, Verdant’s energy management software provides valuable data for ESG reporting, enhancing transparency and accountability. By demonstrating a commitment to sustainability, senior residence managers contribute to a greener and socially responsible future.
What other benefits can come from the Verdant energy management system?

Verdant’s energy management system is accessible 24/7 via the Verdant app, offering senior residence managers the ability to view the entire property remotely. This not only helps reduce energy consumption, but also gives property managers the ability to remotely investigate temperature related complaints without sending support staff to the residence. In addition, Verdant’s energy management solution offers occupancy-based visibility for seniors, identifying whether they are in the unit or not.

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