Spa Utilization Ratio (SUR) is a hotel spa KPI that signals how effective a spa is in selling its treatment hours. It is very similar to how Occupancy Rate evaluates how many rooms are filled in a hotel for a given period.

What is Spa Utilization Ratio (SUR) For?

SUR is used for spa managers to evaluate how efficiently a spa is managing time and utilizing open hours. Much like Occupancy Rate, SUR is evaluated for a given time period. SUR may be calculated daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. Before calculating SUR, a spa must determine the time and space units to be measured.

Benefits of Spa Utilization Ratio (SUR)

The main benefit of SUR is that it helps spa managers identify utilization rates. By analyzing how effectively (or ineffectively) a hotel is selling treatment hours, managers can identify strategies for improving guest usage, as well as plan promotions to maximize utilization during periods of high (or low) demand.

Limitations of Spa Utilization Ratio (SUR)

SUR is most effective when evaluated on a daily basis. It also helps to differentiate services when evaluating SUR because different services translate to higher revenue than others. Spas with very high turnover rates should even consider evaluating SUR on an hourly basis.

Most spas operate between 35 and 40 percent utilization, so it is also important to consider industry averages when evaluating a hotel’s SUR. This will help you prevent making overly-reactive strategic decisions before considering industry trends.

How is Spa Utilization Ratio (SUR) Calculated

SUR is calculated by dividing the hours of treatment sold by the hours of treatment available. That result is then multiplied by 100 so that the final calculation is expressed as a percentage out of 100.

Example of Spa Utilization Ratio (SUR) Calculation

SUR = (Hours of Treatment Sold / Hours of Treatment Available) x 100
For the below calculation, the following data is used:

– The spa has 6 rooms available
– Spa hours are 9 am to 5pm, 7 days per week
– This gives a possible total of 336 hours of treatment available during a given week
– However, for the purposes of this calculation, we’re going to say the spa only sold 280 hours for the week

Hours of Treatment Sold = 200
Hours of Treatment Available = 336

SUR = (200 (Hours Sold) / 336 (Hours Available)) x 100 = 59.5%