MONTREAL (March 7, 2023) – Global Student Accommodation (GSA), one of the world’s leading student housing operators, selects Verdant Smart Energy Management System for immediate rollout in 28 of their Yugo communities, reinforcing the group’s commitment to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. The project, supported by GSA’s JV with Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing, is currently going under installation at GSA’s properties branded under, and managed by, Yugo, the group’s global operating partner.

Needless to say that energy management is not a one size fits all and carefully evaluating GSA’s sustainability needs as well as their current HVAC technology was instrumental. Through a 360 audit performed by leading consultancy firm Evolution Energy Partners, the group was able to select a solution that perfectly aligns with their long-term environmental, social and governance (ESG) roadmap.

By leveraging the full suite of the Verdant technology, GSA is standardizing energy management efforts across its entire portfolio, equipping its community with the tools to ensure that its HVAC systems are working effectively while maintaining students’ comfort. With the Verdant online management platform, Yugo property managers will be alerted as soon as an HVAC issue comes up, giving them the ability to address it before causing discomfort to their students. In addition to 24/7 monitoring of HVAC system performance, Yugo will now be able to remotely manage the temperature in common areas and unrented dorms from a single desktop or mobile device.

The world’s largest real estate owners have recognized that space heating/cooling accounts for nearly half of all energy consumption in apartment units, and are beginning to set aggressive carbon reduction goals as part of their ESG commitments. HVAC related energy reductions being the most instrumental piece to achieving these goals.

Furthermore, on the student side, as one of Yugo’s recent research highlights it:

“Young Americans rank climate change as the top issue the world is facing today […] and sixty percent feel more should be done to tackle climate change.”

By embracing energy optimization as part of its daily operations, GSA ensures that its properties’ energy consumption is carefully managed, providing its students with a purpose-built community that aligns with today’s sustainable concerns.

Energy Consumption Repartition

About GSA

Global Student Accommodation (GSA) is a leader in real estate asset management within the student housing sector. GSA has a strong international presence, active across nine countries with assets in 65 of the world’s leading educational cities. The strength of their business lies in market expertise, investment capability and exceptional relationships, as well as a collaborative and integrated approach with GSA’s global operating partner Yugo. GSA is part of The Dot Group, a family of market-leading businesses that specialize in the higher education space.

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About Evolution Energy Group

Evolution Energy, a subsidiary of Evolution Sustainability Group, acts as energy & sustainability consultants with over 70 years of combined industry experience helping commercial, industrial, and institutional customers across all industries and verticals reduce their energy consumption and utility spend. They serve more than 500 customers across North America.

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About Verdant

Installed in over 6,000 multifamily properties, hotels, senior living and student housing communities across North America, Verdant is an industry leader in commercial energy management solutions and helps commercial properties reduce their utility costs, achieve ESG goals and increase net operating income. The Verdant solution allows its customers to standardize energy management efforts across an entire portfolio with a holistic mix of best-in-class hardware, networking, and management, without compromising the comfort of residents.

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