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Verdant Accessories

Online Connection Kit

Verdant’s Online Connection Kit enables wireless mesh networking of up to 1,024 VX Series thermostats per device. Additional Online Connection Kits can be networked together for large properties, or where a property is comprised of multiple buildings spread over a large area.

The Online Connection Kit communicates with Verdant thermostats using Verdant’s proprietary 900MHz communication protocol, negating the need for WIFI. Data collected from each thermostat is uploaded to the cloud at five-minute intervals, allowing for remote management of all Verdant thermostats from any internet-connected device.

The Online Connection Kit must be plugged into an internet port with a static IP address with DHCP active. The Online Connection Kit must be whitelisted using its MAC address with unrestricted internet access. Ports 80, 443, and 22 must be open to inbound/outbound communication.

OL-KT Specification Sheet

OL-KT Installation Manual

Occupancy Sensors

Verdant’s line of accessories includes both wired and wireless occupancy sensors that can be used to extend the occupancy detection area within a given space. The sensors communicate to a compatible Verdant thermostat using Verdant’s 900MHz Communication protocol.

One thermostat can accommodate up to eight (8) additional wired or wireless sensors.

Common Applications for Occupancy Sensors:

  • Multi-bedroom hotel rooms
  • 2+ bedroom apartment/condo units
  • Lighting Control Applications

X9-RF-AOS Specification Sheet

X3-NC-AOS Specification Sheet

Door/Window Switch

Verdant thermostats are the only brand of guestroom energy management systems that do not require door switches as part of their sequence of operations, due to numerous patents, including Night Occupancy Mode.

Verdant door and window switches communicate wirelessly to a compatible Verdant thermostat and can be used for patio/lanai doors and exterior operable windows.

Door and window switches can be configured as normally open or normally closed as per the needs of the client.

X9-RF-DWS Specification Sheet

Temperature Sensors

Additional temperature sensors can be used to measure temperature throughout a given space.

Additional temperature sensors may be desirable in large spaces to ensure a consistent temperature throughout. They may also be useful in situations where an existing thermostat is located in proximity to the HVAC unit and cannot be relocated.

Users can configure an external temperature sensor as the master (use reading from external sensor only) or can use the average of all temperature sensors in a room, including the thermostat’s sensor.

X9-RF-RTS Specification Sheet

Z9-RF-RTS Specification Sheet


Specification Sheets
  • Online connection kit:
  • OL-KT
  • Occupancy sensors:
  • X9-RF-AOS
  • X3-NC-AOS
  • Door/Window Switch:
  • X9-RF-DWS
  • Temperature Sensors:
  • X9-RF-RTS
  • Z9-RF-RTS
      Installation Manuals
      • Online connection kit:
      • OL-KT
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