Verdant, a leading provider of energy management solutions, announces the integration of demand response functionality into its line of smart thermostats. Demand response integration enables seamless control of energy consumption during planned or emergency events, offering significant benefits to both aggregators and residents. By leveraging Verdant’s smart thermostats, users can efficiently manage energy usage and participate in demand response programs with ease. 

“Our commitment to sustainability drives us to continuously enhance our smart thermostat solutions,” said Michael Serour, General Manager of Verdant. “We are proud to offer our customers a solution that not only helps provide a financial incentive but also contributes to a greener future.” 

For aggregators, the integration simplifies the demand response process. Through Verdant’s APIs, users or properties can be enrolled for demand response events, and curtailment requirements can be calculated. Scheduling of events for enrolled rooms in the portfolio is streamlined, and support for optimizing curtailment based on completed events is provided. 

Residents also benefit from demand response integration. The thermostats intelligently adjust temperature settings in advance, ensuring residents’ comfort during pre-heat or pre-cool phases. During demand response events, the thermostats allow the temperature to drift naturally towards the set demand response setpoint, and users have the flexibility to cancel events by adjusting the thermostat setpoint. After the event, the thermostats smoothly return to the user’s preferred temperature settings. 

Key benefits of integrating demand response into Verdant smart thermostats include financial incentives for participating residents, such as bill credits or cash payments. Additionally, by efficiently managing energy consumption during peak demand periods, users can reduce energy costs, improve operational efficiency, and support a more sustainable future. 

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