Warranty Replacement Procedure


To obtain Warranty Service a customer must request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number by calling technical support and having their RMA claim validated.


The RMA Administrator will review the request and, before proceeding, may request additional information, or suggest additional diagnostic steps to ensure that the hardware is not returned for repair unnecessarily.


When the RMA Administrator has confirmed a repair or a replacement is necessary and all other requirements have been satisfied an RMA number including packing and shipping instructions will be emailed to the customer. Proof of purchase may be requested.


The customer is responsible for the shipment of the hardware per provided instructions. An unauthorized return, i.e. one for which an RMA number has not been issued, one for which an RMA has expired, or a return that is not shipped per provided instructions, will not be accepted.


Verdant will repair or replace all warranty covered product returns.


For items under Warranty, there will be no test/repair charges.

There will be no repairs made to Out-of-Warranty (OOW) items, however they may be replaced with new equipment at the discretion and cost to the customer.

If returned item is determined to be “No Trouble Found” (NTF) and the observed failure cannot be reproduced, Verdant will return the RMA to the customer as NTF. There will be a flat rate charge of $100 per item for NTF items. To avoid NTF charges, please test the product carefully before requesting an RMA.

All shipping charges will be at customer’s expense.


RMA “Standard replacement” turn-around time is thirty (30) days from the date Verdant receives the RMA package thru the date of reshipment from Verdant .


Customer may request an “Advance Replacement” of Verdant branded defective product.

Verdant will ship “Advance Replacement” items using express shipping method. Charges for express shipping will be at customer’s expense. Verdant will invoice the customer for the shipped items at the list price plus the shipping charges. Customers without credit terms must prepay all Advance Replacement items and shipping charges with a credit card.

The customer is responsible for the shipment of the defective items to Verdant per provided instructions. The customers must ship defective items within fifteen (15) days from receiving “Advance Replacement” item(s). Shipping of defective items from the customer to Verdant is at customer’s expense.

Verdant will credit all returned defective items that are under warranty. NTF and OOW items will not be credited. Shipping charges will not be credited. The customer agrees to pay for all non-credited charges within 15-days of receiving the invoice for “Advance Replacement” items.